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Sound Meditation Healer
Shawni has been studying and practicing yoga since 2001.She has studied with many teachers and many different styles throughout the years but she found her most influential teacher in 2010
when she met Yogarupa Rod Stryker.

He initiated Shawni into the Sri Vidya tradition;
a beautiful tantric lineage of the Masters of the Himalayas,
brought to the west by Swami Rama.
Tantrics see all life as sacred and although we might not perceive it
as such sometimes, it is us who must awaken to its beauty.

Shawni has been dedicated to it ever since deepening her studies
and practices with Yogarupa, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait and now Raja Choudhury.

Shawni has been a singer her whole life and her love for silence, sound and deep states of consciousness and healing has brought her to dive deeper into the world of sound meditation. You can expect crystal bowls, guitar, sruti box, spaciousness, her voice and her beloved mantras, amongst other purposeful and beautiful sounds.

She has also trained in Reiki, Energy Clearing, Yoga Nidra and The Four Desires.